Covered in Paint - began operating in 2000 and has developed a reputation

for new directions in paint and decorative finishes.

With innovation, reliability and environmental sensitivity as the hallmarks,

Covered in Paint has developed a collection of paint and finishes, which include

a modern lime wash, natural stone, a family of acrylics and special Metalessence.


Creative technology

Using unique ingredients such as glass spheres, micronised waxes, silicates and a special blend

of pure acrylic resins, all our paints are designed with an inspired direction in technology.


Colour with emotion

Born from concepts, fabrics and various objects of their clients,

Covered in Paint has accumulated a special library of customized colours with dimension,

which are presented in a new colour range called i colour™ ®. (Design Registered)

Seasonal pallets are also released twice a year to showcase

new and exciting directions in colour and forecasting trends.


Intelligent paints

Form and function, practical and aesthetic, protective and decorative

- it is these elements that are united in the Covered in Paint collection.

With embedded technology, the paints achieve stain resistance,

water repellency, outstanding longevity, ease of application, low VOC's levels, and low odour

all in water-based systems.

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